In recruitment marketing, we know different types of talent pools. Each with their own function and benefits. The best known talent pool is that of the "silver medallists": potential candidates who have applied before. But did you know that you can also build talent pools with people who show interest in you as an employer, but haven't applied before? This valuable source of contacts is of course very welcome in a time of scarcity in the job market. In this blog we would like to take you through which talent pool fits your recruitment marketing.

First of all, what exactly is the importance of a talent pool? We can break this down into three pillars:

  1. With a talent pool, you get access to talent earlier than the competition. Because you are already in contact, you have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with a potential employee. That gives you a distinct advantage when this person eventually decides to apply. After all, he- or she is already familiar with what your company does and what it stands for.
  2. Better respond to (acute) supply and demand. Demand for applicants can fluctuate quite a bit. From one moment to the next, demand can skyrocket. With a talent pool, you can meet that demand from the organization immediately. After all, you have a pool of warm candidates ready to go.
  3. Shorten the time to hire and reduce the cost per hire. With a talent pool, you are constantly trying to interest and enthuse your target group. In this way it costs less and less time and money to find new employees.

Pre-apply talent pool

Despite these advantages, there are definite differences between types of talent pools. Some may be a better fit for your recruitment marketing activities than others. We'll start with the pre-apply talent pool. The word says it all, this is a talent pool built prior to the application. At MrWork, we divide the pre-apply talent pool into two subcategories:

- The advertising talent pool; an anonymous talent pool built from different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This pool consists of people who have interacted with your content. A click on an ad, watching a video or responding to a post for example. This talent pool lends itself perfectly to include in your employer branding campaigns so that your target audience learns more and more about your organization.

- The lead generation talent pool; an extension of the advertising talent pool. Because the lead generation talent pool you fill by presenting lead generation content to the people in your advertising talent pool. Instead of motivating them to apply directly, your goal here is to get these people out of anonymity. This can easily be done with website chat, an online form or a conversational ad, for example.

Post-apply talent pool

As mentioned, in addition to the pre-apply talent pool, there is also the post-apply talent pool. With this pool you target 'old acquaintances', namely candidates who have applied before. Perhaps the timing was not quite right at the time, negotiations broke down over financial details or there was a better candidate available. Either way, there was a good match between your organization and the candidate. These 'silver medallists' form a very valuable talent pool. Because who knows, maybe the time is now ripe for a move to your company? And big advantage: you already have all the contact information. The purpose of this talent pool is to keep these contacts warm. That way you will have excellent candidates ready when the time comes.

Onze klanten profiteren dagelijks van de kracht van de verschillende talentpools. Door deze goed in te zetten komen zij nog eerder in contact met het beste talent. Uiteraard adviseren we je graag welke talentpool het beste past bij jouw recruitment strategie. Ben jij benieuwd hoe talentpooling kan bijdragen aan het behalen van jouw recruitment doelstellingen? Plan een demo.

Prefer to read more about different talent pools yourself? Then check out our E-Book Building Talent Pools with Recruitment Marketing. 

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