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DSV is a world-class logistics service provider. They operate in 84 countries, have 76,000 colleagues worldwide and 25 branches in the Netherlands. Erwin Peeters, Marketing & Communications Manager at DSV, talks about the size and continuous growth of the organization: "DSV may not be a very familiar name to consumers, but we are the number 2 worldwide in transport and logistics. I'm sure I can point to 10 things in every house that have been transported by DSV. The Netherlands is an important country for DSV because of its strong infrastructure and good location. We work here with about 3,500 colleagues and have a few hundred vacancies to fill each year."

"When I joined DSV in 2019, nothing was set up in terms of employer branding and labor market communication. I then started with the basics, such as optimizing the website. Because of the growth we anticipated, Walter de Wilde, HR Director at DSV, and I started working on employer branding. In September 2022 our first campaign went live and since then we have been running continuous full funnel campaigns aimed at our 4 main target groups," says Erwin.

Software as a solution to the recruitment marketing issue

To execute its employer branding and vacancy campaigns, DSV looked to software. Erwin explains their choice: "It is impossible in such a large organization to do the entire execution of marketing and communication on your own. For recruitment marketing, we found a good solution in MrWork. To speak in logistical terms, they take care of the fulfillment of our recruitment campaigns."

The choice of software was driven not only by efficiency reasons, but also by the consulting that comes with it. "Components within online marketing, such as SEO and social advertising, are professions in themselves for a reason. This is serious work that should be left to specialists. You don't do that on the side yourself. In MrWork we found a software solution and a lot of recruitment marketing expertise and guidance in one," says Erwin.

People work with people

In addition to the targeted distribution of their employer story to the target audience, two other key elements that are the common threads of DSV's recruitment strategy are personality and omnichannel.

"People work with people. Candidates want to see faces and get a real impression of their future colleagues. That's why we make our recruitment marketing very personal. We have made dozens of videos in which our own people are in the picture and speaking. All in our own locations. When we look at the campaign results and the increase in the number of candidates we speak to, we can say that this method is catching on," Erwin said.

Erwin continues, "It is then important to extend this recognizability to all communications. So an omnichannel recruitment marketing strategy. For example, we ensure that our employer branding content seamlessly connects with our work-at-home site and the vacancy pages. During the Career Fair, colleagues featured in the videos manned the DSV booth. They were wearing the exact same clothes as in the video and were widely recognized. That helps create rumour around the brand."

DSV's recruitment success formula

DSV's goal was to create more visibility and enthusiasm for the employer brand and at the bottom line, of course, attract more candidates. Thanks to their formula for success, consisting of personalized content, the omnichannel approach and smart distribution of content to the right target group with the help of a software partner, they managed to achieve their ambitions.

Erwin is pleased not only by the hard numbers, but also by what he sees happening around the DSV brand. "We are striking the right chord with our target groups, because we even manage to entice people who are not from logistics to apply for jobs with us. For example, the other day there was a lady who wrote in her motivation that she never thought she would respond to a job in the transport and logistics sector. Our video convinced her anyway. Through situations like this you know that you touch people and that the campaign is right," indicates Erwin.

DSV's high visibility with strong content that sticks is also evidenced by the fact that DSV employees are addressed by strangers who have seen them in the videos. Erwin explains, "The other day a colleague was in a soccer stadium and was addressed by someone who recognized him from the employer branding campaign. In any case, I hear from many colleagues that those around them say that DSV is so visible. Then you know your campaign is doing well."

More than software

Erwin is enthusiastic about MrWork's recruitment marketing software: "The application is very user-friendly. It is also nice to have good insight into the statistics behind your campaign. In addition, we receive customized advice and guidance from MrWork. They do not impose a method on us, but look at who we are as customers and how they can help us. They take us by the hand, advise on the design of campaigns and continuously come up with ideas for improvement. Not only for the campaigns, but also for our recruitment process, for example. MrWork regularly surprises me with new advice and suggestions. They really want to make our recruitment marketing better."

The future for DSV

You never know what the future holds, but at least Erwin thinks the human aspect in recruitment and labor market communication will continue to play a leading role. "People ultimately want above all to have fun working together. That has always been the case and always will be. The focus on our personal labor market communication remains and MrWork is an important partner in this. We are happy to show with this case what we have achieved together!"

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